Gitakirti Dasi is a very senior devotee in ISKCON and is considered as the pillar of strength for many devotees within Sigatoka and the country at large. She is a disciple of HH Tamala Krishna Goswami. She has made many sacrifices within ISKCON from rejecting the comfort of her own house, to closing of her booming business in a tourist town and to relocating and staying at Radha Damodar temple amongst the devotees. She nurtures devotees, cultivates them and trains them in Krishna Consciousness by leading them into many spiritual activities including singing, cooking, dressing, raising funds and giving discourses in temple. She maintains the vow of a devotee very seriously and her attachment to the lotus feet of Sri Radha Damodar is unequivocal. She was very instrumental in establishing the foundation of Krishna Consciousness in Sigatoka, first by preaching and then later managing a temporary center from her home until a temple was built. She stands tall amongst many senior devotees in Fiji for her dedication and commitment to level of surrender to guru and Krishna and fulfilling the desire of her guru to build the temple in Sigatoka. Under her leadership, the manifestation of Sri Radha Damodar temple was realized which continues to grow and flourish with more devotees joining the organisation. Being a devotee, she maintains highest care and concern for humanity, social needs and aspirations of people in the community and has regularly assisted locals in many ways. Recognizing her role and services, she was given the order of Justice of Peace by the Government of Fiji.  Gitakirti’s life is exemplary to show how a devotee can be engaged 24 hours in the service of the Lord.

Dr. Gurusmarna Dasi took up Krishna Consciousness very seriously while studying at the Fiji School of Medicine. Being a devoted and inquisitive person she took great strides in her spiritual progress taking her diksha, spiritual initiation from H.H Tamala Krishna Goswami and began her journey of commitment to the service of humanity at large by spiritual development.  Currently she is well known Medical Practitioner (G.P) in Sigatoka Town and continues to maintain her unwavering love in spreading the holy names within Sigatoka. Despite her duties as a doctor that keeps her busy whole day with people from all walks of life, she endlessly devotes her time and energy in the service of Sri Radha Damodar even if it means for her to sacrifice her personal resting time. She serves the people with humility and preaches to anyone who is interested in Krishna Consciousness especially when people get fascinated by her calmness, simplicity, energy and enthusiasm in a life in the face of a busy lifestyle. She undertakes social services, guides and inspires hundreds of young people and goes out to remote places to preach and convince people to take shelter of the lotus feet of the Lord Krishna. She is an excellent narrator of Bhagvatam and frequently gives discourses at the temple and conducts home programs to cultivate devotees. On many occasions during the brahma-maurta in the temple one would find her lovingly cooking for the deities, dressing deities or singing bhajans for the pleasure of the lord. Her devotion to her spiritual master, her enthusiasm in carrying the order of her guru is exemplary. She dedicated her life to her guru’s desire to build this magnificent temple and sacrificed all her worldly comforts by selling her personal properties and using all her income into building Sri Radha Damodar Temple, a place where she now resides with other devotees in a humble way.

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