Welcome to the abode of happiness – the temple of Sri Radha Damodar. We are situated on the hilltop just adjacent to the Sigatoka town overlooking the panoramic Sigatoka River and just a few minutes’ walk from the central business area. The property houses a large Vedic temple with prayer room and displays of artifacts from ancient India depicting stories form ageless classics such as Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Vedas. Boasting intricate designs, paintings, displays and paraphernalia, the temple is pride and glory for Vedic culture, teachings and practices. Besides being a place for worship and seeking refuge for inner peace of mind and soul from material perplexities and dualities of life, there is a medical center, an onsite catering and hall hire services for multi-purposes, a counseling and advisory services, justice of peace (J.P) (Fiji Government approved) services, scriptural teachings and Vedic cultural learning on Sundays, gift center and guided prearranged tour of the sanctum sanctorum. At our temple we adorn the gorgeous deities of Lord Sri Krishna, the supreme personality of godhead according to the oldest religion in the world, Sanatana Dharma in magnificent jewelries, costumes, ornaments and natural flowers, fruits and plants.  With Sri Krishna, we have deity of His eternal consort, Srimati Radharani served daily by loving devotees. Visitors of all kind regardless of nationality, race, religious belief, color or creed are always welcome. Since the temple is a place of worship and is sacred to the devotees there are strict rules that apply to everybody who access any part of the premises to maintain the sanctity of the holy place. The general rules and conditions of entry are given here.